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secretary kathleen sebelius set to make the announcement and make it official in 30 minutes and the white house now warns the numbers will be. >> including word that the site has been the target of at least one cyber attack. today on capitol hill, the president's chief technology other government tech officials all came together' republicans say toughest criticism president obama himself the president said as shopping sites like amazon and kayak. something we all know is not the case. amazon and kayak. on the day of the launch. president obama should have known the harsh lesson we have all learned since that time. and that was they weren't ready. >> the republican congressman darrell issa there went on to say that the white house cut corners on the web site agreed it does have big problems. republicans playing. >> congressional oversight absolutely warranted but nobody in this room nobody in this country believes that republicans want to fix the web site. they had as many as 16 reports of security incidents. meantime the bad press seems to be taking a tool toll now. a new poll finds that
lawmaker friday in the president's party are slamming the move and kathleen sebelius said she doubts that reversing the cancellations would work well this late in the game. now secretary sebelius is playing down the number of people who were cancelled. >> i'd say a relatively small number of people in the overall scheme of things, but for those people it's real, and i think the president felt keeping the commitment that people should be able to stay in their own plans was something he felt was important. >> relatively is the operative word there. that may be a relatively small number? but it's not small number-right? it adds up to 5,091,843 people with cancelled insurance. insurance that the president said over and over they can keep. some republican lawmakers say those folks deserve more than just a year's extension. >> they want to retain the choice they had, which was really, when you go back to the debate back in 20, i don't think it would have passed had they not been able to make this promise that we know now is really not accurate. >> that congressman, the republican fred upto
kathleen sebelius about the problems with the obamacare web site and what she says the administration absolutely can cannot could do. plus, a man who hijacked a plane to cuba has just returned to the united states after three decades to face justice. we have video of his plane arriving and you'll hear what happens next. facebook launching a new policy on bullying. how will that effect you and your children? plus, jet man takes a wild ride over mount fuji. the incredible video is ahead so let's get to it. any shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> good wednesday afternoon to you. 3:00 on the east coast. delaying obamacare is not an option. those words from the nation's top health official today kathleen sebelius who once again testified to congress about the bungled web site rollout. she flat out rejected republican demands that the white house put the new healthcare law on ice. >> some have asked why not just delay implementation of the new law until all of the problems are fixed. and there is a pretty straightforward answer. delaying the affordable care act wouldn't
in the private sector somebody would have already lost their job. >> kathleen sebelius said the webs should work smoothly for the vast majority of users by the end of this month. peter is covering is for us and is live in washington. how long until can handle more than 80%? >> possible it's always going to be like that. the white house said in the last hour that two out of every ten consumers who are interested in ebb -- enrolling won't be able to use to sign up or won't want to. >> as hard as we work -- and we are working and continue to work on improving the web site and its functionality, it has always been the case we need to make sure that there are other avenues for people with complex situations or people who would rather not perform this kind of purchase online. >> reporter: the white house says nobody should worry if only 80% of consumers can access because the other 20% can apply over the phone or in person. >> let's back up to before this computer actually got up and running. there were some red flags in congress they're investigating this.
-- later, but back in april, the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius did not tell lawmakers about the problems in that report. that came up in another hearing today on capitol hill. >> on april 18th, secretary sebelius testified in this very room, we have the federal hub on track and on time. i can tell you, we are on track. those are her words. but we now to the that the secretary's testimony did not match whats was happening behind the scenes. >> for its part the white house says it was aware of problems with the web site but had no clue how bad things really were. >> the president was as we said, got regular brief examination was told there were problems that were being addressed and that upon launch, there would be glitches and problems but that certainly we never expected -- he was certainly not told, and nobody here was told. >> in the meantime, the polls show more and more americans are fed up with the whole thing. opposition to obamacare has hit an all-time high of 57%, according to the "washington post" and abc news poll. the problems seem to be hurting th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5